As of September 16, 2021, all arrivals from Category 2 countries (USA, UK, UAE, Turkey, South Africa, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, and India) to Uganda will be subjected to PCR COVID-19 testing on arrival.  Fully vaccinated, asymptomatic travelers from Category 2 countries (except India) with proof of vaccination status will be exempted from the arrival PCR test. Travelers from India shall be subjected to mandatory PCR tests upon arrival irrespective of vaccination status. However, these procedures are not always uniformly implemented and we cannot guarantee that proof of vaccination will waive the required PCR test upon arrival. The Ministry of Health has stated that these tests should not cost more than USD 65.  Travelers subject to testing on arrival will be taken for further managementand travelers who test positive shall be treated according to the Ministry of Health protocol for COVID-19. As of May 1, the Government of Uganda recommends that all travelers from the United States (and all other Category 2 countries) postpone any non-essential travel to Uganda.  

    • The Ministry of Health requires that COVID-19 tests be taken at an approved facility within 72 hours of departure for both inbound and outbound travel to/from Uganda for all travelers, regardless of vaccination status. Children 3 years of age and below are exempted from the requirement for a negative PCR test certificate as long as they are accompanied by parents holding a negative COVID -19 PCR test certificate.  

    • A curfew of 7:00pm to 5:30am remains in place.  Boda Bodas (motorbikes) must cease movement by 6:00pm.  Passengers traveling on flights are allowed to travel to the airport during curfew hours upon presentation of a valid ticket.

    • COVID restrictions relating to businesses, schools, and places of worship may change with little notice.  Consult official Ugandan government sources for the most up-to-date information. 

    • The Kampala Capital City Authority has established a 24-hour Metro Emergency Medical Service Call Center: 0800-990-000; 0792-310-927. 

    • Uganda has an Emergency Operations Center at the Ministry of Health that is managing the COVID-19 response and can be reached through their hotline: (+256) 0800 203 033, 0800-100-066, or 0800-303-033. 

    • For the most recent statistics on the surge in COVID-19 cases in Uganda, please visit the Government of Uganda, Ministry of Health’s webpage.