4x4 LandCruiser


Embark on an exhilarating journey with the Toyota LandCruiser SX Turbo 4×4. Experience the heart-pounding power of its turbocharged engine, combined with legendary 4×4 capabilities. Whether you’re traversing rugged terrains or cruising the open road, the LandCruiser SX Turbo delivers unmatched performance and adrenaline-fueled adventures.


  1. Turbocharged Performance: Feel the rush of turbocharged power, providing exceptional acceleration and performance.

  2. 4×4 Off-Road Dominance: Conquer challenging landscapes and rough trails with the LandCruiser SX Turbo’s formidable 4WD capabilities.

  3. Robust Exterior Design: Exude strength and style with the LandCruiser SX Turbo’s rugged and commanding presence.

  4. Spacious and Comfortable Cabin: Enjoy a roomy interior designed for comfort and relaxation on long journeys.

  5. Premium Seating: Indulge in plush seats that offer luxurious comfort during your adventures.

  6. Advanced Safety Features: Drive with peace of mind, knowing the LandCruiser SX Turbo is equipped with cutting-edge safety technology.

  7. Infotainment System: Stay entertained and connected with the intuitive infotainment system.

  8. Climate Control: Maintain the perfect temperature inside the cabin with convenient climate control settings.

  9. Cargo Space: Utilize generous cargo capacity to accommodate all your gear and belongings.

  10. Sunroof: Experience breathtaking views of the sky and surroundings with the LandCruiser SX Turbo’s panoramic sunroof.